The Neonate Fund

Especially during the unprecedented financial crisis in Lebanon and the COVID-19pandemic times! The Neonate Fund is now more than ever committed to supportneedy families of premature and sick newborns admitted to the neonatal intensivecare unit at AUBMC.We believe our responsibility and role in financial and emotional support is muchmore needed now!

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The Neonate Fund Campaign 2017

The Neonate Fund

Delivering Hope

September - NICU Awareness Month



Kids - French Subtitles

Measuring Life (French Subtitles)

Measuring Life

Measuring Life (English Subtitles)

In Good Hands

In Good Hands (French Subtitles)

In Good Hands (English Subtitles)

World Prematurity Day - 2012

Kalam El Nas - Report

Mrs. Maya Ghandour and Mrs. Marwa Jaber - WPD

World Prematurity Day (Inaya Haidar) 2012

World Prematurity Day 2012

Mrs.Rada Sawwaf - Talk Of The Town 13/12/2012

Press Conference - 20/3/2015

Mrs. Sawwaf's Speech - Grand Serail

Family Testimonial

Family Testimonial

World Prematurity Day - Ms. Tania Daaboul (RN)

World Prematurity Day 2016 - OTV

Saturday Night Fever

Measuring Life


In Good Hands


born premature or sick in Lebanon


premature in lebanon


of NICU admission of AUBMC supported by the fund in 2018



Smallest baby helped & survived was 560 grams

2,000 USD -> 2,500 USD per night

childhood is too beautiful

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